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Getting message but no order :(

hi. im new on fiver like 1 month 2 weeks, and starting my new month i never get a single order, there is a few message me but no reply in the end :frowning: how i can get the order cause im still confused with how fiverr work, thank you :slight_smile:


Same with me, I made the gig 20 days but still haven’t ordered

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yup, i join the group on facebook… and there is some sellers said in this month they didn’t have any, dunno why :’))

You say that you have messages but no orders.
I think you need optimize your conversation skills.


@rincarinn wait and stay connect on Fiverr :slightly_smiling_face:

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Andy has some good advice for you. It is long, however, if you take the time to read it all it will help you. :wink:


hai thank you so much for the reply, i already read his post and its help me alot, so now i made new gigs and with an concept… wish me luck :slight_smile:


Opss I thought buyer is just messaging you but not agreeing to place order. I realize now you are sending messages. Are you doing it through the Buyer Request section? Or searching and sending messages to another seller?


I love your drawings!

no, they are sending me message first but no respon once im reply :’)

thank you :slight_smile:


I guess there is something wrong how you approach them. English skill should be sharpened I presume

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Something that can help you get more order and increase your conversion rate is to reply your messages in a professional manner - state how you intend to achieve the objective of the project. This give the buyer assurance that the job is being handled by someone that knows what he is doing.

Also, as much as possible avoid using generic replies that makes it sound like the message is being replied to by an automated machine.

I hope this helps.

Welcome to Fiverr :slightly_smiling_face: forum

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same problem with me. this is very disgusting for every seller.


ok thank you :slight_smile:

thank you for the welcome :slight_smile:

fighting… we can do it :slight_smile:

HI all, i want to update about this matter… after along wait like 3weeks there is no order :frowning: having a few message but there is no order… and finally today i got an order, it’s not big but im happy… im trying Buyer Request like 52 offers and finally this time i got it :slight_smile: been reading andy story and im trying to not give up… what can i say now is trying your best is the answer, and i want to thanks to you all w
ho is reply this matter, have a nice day :slight_smile:


i am a new seller. i must follow your advice. can you say, how i can manage my first client on fiverr ?