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Getting messages from random people which don't relate to my business

So here is the thing, I get messages from mostly random men, writing just “hi” or “hello” in a message. Obviously, they use the message facility to initiate a conversation with me, my experiences showed me that they don’t intend to buy my services nor ask something related to my services. If I don’t answer my response rate is decreasing. But truly I don’t want to answer those messages, I don’t have time for this but I also want to keep my response rate good. What am I supposed to do?

Just send them simple " Hi " or “Hello” and your response rate will be good.

If those people are trying to sell their services, after saying hi, you report them for spamming.


You can respond with: “Hello, thank you for taking interest in my services! What can you tell me about the project you want me to work on?”


I always tell them “Hey, what would you like me to write for you today, and how many words will it be?”

I never get a sale, but it never hurts to try