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Getting moeny in PayPal

I have lost my Payoneer access that was connected with my Fiverr account to withdraw my money. And also, We don’t have PayPal access in our country. But so many people are using it only for paying online bills or ads. No one can make a withdraw from Paypal to our local bank.

But I have my Sister in the US and She wants to help me by adding her Paypal. In this way, I will add her PayPal and send the money to that Paypal account. And she will make the withdraw to her Bank from that Paypal.

Is it possible? And Will Fiverr or PayPal will be stuck the money for different name or address?

I mean, My sister having that PayPal account on her name address. So, will be that a problem while she will make the withdraw? Cause I am having the Fiverr account in my name and my sister having the Paypal account on her name.

I hope you guys will let me know the answers.


Hello, instead of such an important question being answered here by someone who may not actually know the answer it’s best if you ask customer support this question so you don’t have problems.


You must check with Customer Support.

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You should ask customer support no one can help you here @omarfaruk321

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go for customer supp

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Thank you all. Yes. I have already talked to them. :slight_smile:

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Its ok. I am here get your comments. :slight_smile:

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