Getting more offers directly to inbox


Happy Friday everyone!

I am suddenly getting offers from sellers on Fiverr directly to my inbox. Over the years I’ve only received a handful and all of a sudden in the last week I’ve received quite a few. Have any of you experienced this before? Or are you suddenly experiencing it now? Thanks!


Report them! (20 chars)


Well there is a tweak in “fiverr’s buyers request” section where you can directly message a buyer with the seller offer.
Very few people know about this feature, including me!
But you should never ever purchase services from them. Because a professional and a genuine seller knows that their services are good… so buyer will definitely respond them back!
REPORT THEM! Not joking!


If they have done work for you before that might be why. You can message previous buyers with offers. We can see that in the message section but as far as I have seen, there should not be a way for people you have not talked to before to do this.


No seller should be emailing (edited - my sincere apologies) messaging anybody with offers, whether they’ve dealt with them before or not. It’s spam.


But sorry to say, there is a Way! :slightly_frowning_face:


Emailing??? What?? He is talking about Messages he is receiving in his Fiverr’s Messages section


I have not worked with them before and I have not messaged them before so I am confused how they were able to message me! :confused:


That’s what I was referring to.


If you go to your profile page, there’s a contact button - every seller can be contacted by just clicking the button.


Got it. Thank you @offlinehelpers


@michael78781 Report…

@offlinehelpers Happy anniversary. That cake piece look delicious.


Thank you - I can’t see it yet! :grinning:



Thanks for that @saddu_writer - I’ll probably see it tomorrow!


What is the anniversary for @saddu_writer and @offlinehelpers ?


A year on forum since you sign up.


I think it’s for the anniversary of when you first sign up to the forum.


Just the forum though, right?


Tell me more about this feature, please.

. . . Because if a seller I have never worked with before can contact me in Buyer’s Request, I’ll quit using it. That would be a nightmare! :rage: That is a really bad change!