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Getting more orders sooner

Hello Fiverr community. I’ve already completed two orders as requested but i haven’t had any other order. Can anyone give me tips on how to get more orders?

  1. Spend more time on forum.
  2. send offer to your buyers request.
  3. share your gig links on social media platforms.

your Profile is all about rating.



Thank you very much. I send offers to buyers requests everyday and I have advertised my gig almost everywhere. What i will now start doing is spend more time on forum.

Keep patient and do marketing your gig and send regular buyer request.
and use fiverr mobile application

Spending “more time on the forum” will NOT result in more sales.

Responding to buyer requests is a competition for a buyer’s order, and will not guarantee sales, nor ensure that they are “gotten quicker”.

And posting gig links on social media is useless, unless the people you are sharing your gigs with are also your target customers. Posting random gig links all over social media, just to say you’ve been “promoting your gigs” is actually spam. Social media does not like spam.


Then what is the right approach?would you please explain us? How we can get more order?

Your questions have been asked thousands of times on the forums. Have you taken the time to read the many answers that I and others have already provided?

If not, then I recommend that you start researching and reading… as any good businessman or woman does. There are no easy roads to success.

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yes! Continue your Job. All the best .

Thank you so much :slight_smile:

Thank for your opinions