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Getting My First Order - HELP!

My Fiverr profile:

I have made 4 separate gigs, all selling essentially the same thing, which is rewriting articles. I am hoping this will help get a little more exposure.

I would like to offer some free gigs in exchange for testimonials/feedback to help get sales rolling in. However, I am not sure how to go about that. Help please?

Also, if you would please check out my Gigs and let me know what you think. Are there things I could do to improve them or are they okay as is?

Hey @prohelper27

So you returned to fiverr after 2 years and finding it difficult to get sales in new interface?

Here are a few thoughts after reviewing your gigs and your profile:

  • Please write more description in your gigs. They are very small! My average description is 400 words long!
  • Share your gigs to your Twitter followers and social media friends - worked for me!
  • Write more about you in your profile description!
  • Use better images with less wordings

Hope these tips help you!

Yes, exactly. I left for a while and deleted all my old Gigs. Now I am looking to start selling on Fiverr again.

Hmm… I thought a smaller description would be better as it is less to read, straight-forward. Maybe I am wrong. I am really not sure what else to add though, as I feel like everything that buyers need to know is there.

What makes a good image to use? I have been using pixabay for free images, and then adding the words to make it my own and provide more information without having to read my description.

Do you happen to know anything about offering free gigs in exchange for feedback to help get me started?