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Getting my first order seems impossible


Hello i am new in the way fiverr works and i cant understand why i am not getting any orders, i have made a gig, put images made a appealing description, lower my price. I cant understand what should i do, i have tried buyer request but the amount of request is very low to none and when i find any they dont seem to help.

My GIg
I would love to hear what you have to say about my order and what should i change and any other fiverr tip you can give to me

Thanks in advance


I see that you just joined fiverr in july and its just 15 days
You have to be patient. Getting first order is difficult but no impossible
Just regularly apply for jobs in Buyer Request section
Promote your gig on social media so you get traffic which improves your ranking in search result
Describe your gig and offering in detail

Hope you will get your first order soon :slight_smile:


July of 2017 :disappointed_relieved:


oops Sorry
My apologies

Although you can still keep in mind the tips which may help you to get your first sale :slight_smile:

Good luck


You are a new seller. A year ago today I was too. It took me 45 days to get my first sale. Then I continued to offer $5 gigs to build my image on Fiverr. Once I got 20 or so positive reviews I gradually began to raise my prices. Now what I charged $5 back then, I charge $25 now. But it takes a lot of work to make your gigs just right, and a lot of patience while your business is growing.

Paul the :man_artist:t2: has artfully put together 38 helpful to new sellers posts that have appeared on the Forum in the past months. While you are waiting for orders, read through the ones you feel will help you. Good luck :four_leaf_clover:!

“I” is not spelled “i.”


I hope i can fullfill your needs

Suggest you remove the above sentence from your profile description as it does not come across as very competent or professional and will put many buyers off.


Here’s what you wrote on your gig.
Hi, I am trying to get started in fiverr so i am offering cheap gigs so i can grab an audience.So go ahead grab a gig now that is early and get a really worth logo for your money.

With the simple logo you get a basic logo is what you should expect for 10 euro
A pretty good logo with research done before the progress start
The most value logo for the price of it, the process goes like that, first i will make a handmade prototype and scan it on my computer then i start the making of the logo

Hurry up and place a order

Let’s take it line by line.
Your first line is telling people that you are new and therefore inexperienced. So, why would I buy off someone new and inexperienced and desperate?
With the line that starts SIMPLE you are telling a potential client what they are going to get is crap and they shouldn’t expect anything less for $5. Why would I buy crap even if it is only $5?
Now the line that starts MEDIUM here you are telling the customer that for four times the price you will get a ‘pretty good’ logo, not a great logo, just ‘pretty good’ so why would i pay $20 for something that’s only ‘pretty good’?
Now the BEST line. Here you are telling the customer for double the price of ‘pretty good’ you will scan something on to your computer and then start making the logo. I have to tell you, I know nothing about logo’s or how to make them. But for $35 you are providing zero information. I wouldn’t hesitate to go somewhere else that I can get information.
I am quite sure remeodesigns that this feedback is going to sting, just remember it’s just feedback, it’s not personal.


You gave the OP useful feedback. They can not imrove if they do not have a few growing pains. Lucky :four_leaf_clover: them that you took the time to give such a valuable critique.


Keep tweeting! Twitter helps a lot in my case.

Use atleast 15 variations of your gig sales tweet, and post them atleast once a day.

It took me 20 days to get my first order!


thanks for taking the time to reply, yes is not pleasant to take criticism but it helps at making you better at what you do, i have made some changes an i think the gig is better now.
as long as the first line i meant to give the expression that i have worked before as a designer but its my first time on fiverr, i can see why that can be misunderstood.


Hi again romeodesigns, I am glad you took it the way it was intended. I have looked at your gig again. It is certainly a lot better. Can I suggest a few minor alterations to make it read better. You wrote. (my suggestions in brackets)
With the Bronze logo you get a great logo for it’s worth. ( I will give my full attention to creating a great logo for you)
An amazing logo that will make your company/brand to outstand, ( I will create an amazing logo designed to make your company/brand stand out from the competition)
The best logo i can offer for your company/brand and surely a great product for your money ( you need to tell them EXACTLY what they are getting for their $35, why is it surely a great product for their money…get specific. Tell them what you do that will make them choose you over someone else.)

Hurry up and place a order ( there’s something about this line that doesn’t sit right with me, im not quite sure what it is. It feels confrontational. I could be wrong, but if i can feel it, so can your potential customer.)


noted, thanks again for the tips


To me that fees like a high pressure seller. Kind of like a car salesman or one of those clerks that follows a buyer around the store saying over and over, “Can I help you?” :confounded:

Check your profile description.


Oh thank you, didnt notice that


There are two "i"s to correct. :wink:


ohh yes , maybe i am blind afterall :sweat_smile:


It is good that you posted.
The question is :thinking:

Did you send buyer requests?
If not try to send all 10

1.If you don’t get 10 buyer requests a day, then market your gigs
2. Tell your buyer what you give different in your gig
3. Offer some extra
4. Give him time constraint, time limit within which you will complete the job, they like it so much
5. Keep your buyer requests short, this will make them read it, I’d refuse if the seller would write 100 lines of text
6. Try to use bullets and numbering while sending buyer requests and making gigs.

Follow these, I hope you will get job within the next three days.



Trust in God , patience is good :roll_eyes:


Thank you, i try them next time some request show up


I hope that will work, today I got another order