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Getting my first orders


I have been in Fiverr for close to an year now but i am disappointed since i have not landed my fist job. I have marketed my Fiverr gigs. Kindly offer your guidance. Thanks fellow fiverr users.


The only thing you can do that you may not have done yet, is to fine-tune your gigs. Experiment and see what changes help your gig rate better.

Beyond that, you just have to be patient. If buyers are looking for your services, and like what you offer, they will order from you. If you aren’t receiving sales, perhaps buyers are not interested in, or looking for, the services you offer here on Fiverr.

Competition is fierce for more Fiverr categories. Sellers are not guaranteed sales just by having gigs active and searchable. Orders are entirely in the hands of the buyers.


You have joined fiverr on august , so it just have been 6-7 months and your gig photo is out of pixels and your description is smaller than than my gig title , work on that if you need orders , please check out this two things first before buying the gig .


jonbaas makes a good point. I’ve haven’t read your gig description but it’s got to be appealing and keyword specific. Also if you don’t have a video in your gig, you need to make one pronto. I had the same problem you’re having now, but I finally caved and just made the video. I got orders almost immediately.


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