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Getting my first sales... (Some tips for new sellers)

I started Fiverr about a month ago, and at first, I had hundreds of impressions, but no sales. I was wondering what I was doing wrong, and even took it to the forums. I got a positive response from 1st and 2nd Rated Sellers with some pretty great tips.

I run a blog based on technology which I have a Fiverr gig for. I write reviews of their product on it. A friend of mine just released his app on to the App Store, and decided to buy my gig (all though I was willing to do it free). This was my first sale which came from a: friends/colleagues b: social media (we actually met through Twitter). He left a good review.

I then got my second order yesterday, for another one of my gigs where I write a crowd-funding pitch. I put a lot of effort into this one for just $5, but it really payed off. Got the sale, and the good review. Today, I got another sale, which I’m working on now, for the same gig. He came in from the person who purchased my gig on Tuesday. This sale came in from a: good review b: happy buyer c: word-of-mouth referral.

All in all, what I am trying to say is, if you want more sales, and a good rating, follow these tips:

  1. Find friends or colleagues who may need your service.
  2. Make sure your gigs are something you can actually do and are good at.
  3. Use Social Media to your advantage!!!
  4. Put effort into your sales, it will end up with you getting a good review.
  5. Encourage people to refer you to their friends and colleagues.
  6. DON’T GIVE OUT FREEBIES!! They will most likely take it and leave it, if you do, put a watermark over it.
  7. Check Fiverr everyday, sometimes they don’t send you message notifications. Plus, when you’re online, it shows buyers, so that can lead to more sales. Try to keep your response time to 1 hr.

    If you have any tips, let me know in the comments.

Also look at Buyer Requests, and make sure you apply for those in your niche. I now have two steady clients because I was successful in this.

Reply to @omnivoreink: I have tried the Buyer Requests method (mainly on ones with low offers), but I think they are not accepting them because I do not have many sales. Hopefully once I get to level 1, they will start coming in. Thanks for the tip!

Definitely agree on the Freebies. I thought initially it would help to offer a kind service, but I can’t recall a single actual sale from those people who asked for ‘free samples to see it was a good service’. Back your gig’s selling power! :slight_smile:

Congrats on your first sales! :slight_smile: Something that has really helped us to see some serious sales is adding a video to all of our gigs. Also, you had mentioned not giving out freebies… It is a good idea to watermark your drafts, but if you offer a freebie as an extra in the final delivery - something that enhances the final product, then the buyer will certainly notice that you’ve over delivered and their feedback will often reflect that. Also, be very specific in your gig descriptions, so that there’s no confusion in what your buyers are ordering. And yes! Buyers do like the fast response times! :slight_smile:

Reply to @easymedia: I try being specific, but today after I delivered my order, the buyer gave me a negative review saying I returned the exact same thing as he sent (which I did not). This brought me down to an overall 77% or 3.5 Stars. (from 100%/5 Stars) I truly believe he will post what I wrote on Indiegogo once he starts his campaign. (My gig was to write a crowd-funding pitch) Any tips on how to get my rating back up? I doubt people will want to buy from me now that I am below 90%

Reply to @easymedia: Update: The buyer removed the negative review.


Reply to @giancarlorosa: That’s great that they removed the negative review. We have had incidences where a buyer posted a negative review even though we did everything right. First we contacted the buyer to see if we could fix it ourselves. We contacted fiverr on both occasions and they removed the negative reviews for us. Just make sure it is clear that you have followed all of the rules and regulations by fiverr and they will back you up!

  1. Put effort into your sales, it will end up with you getting a good review. - This is my rule!!!


Reply to @easymedia: Thanks for the tip on contacting Fiverr.