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Getting Nervous!

I joined fiverr about two months ago, I didn’t take it easy. I work hard in creating my GIG’s. In fact, I gave my proper time to design sample logos & to create GIG’s but still now I didn’t get proper orders. Actually, My first account was blocked, I was working properly on that account, Now, I created my new account but getting rude. Giving my proper time to fiverr but here is no response.
Now, Its a request to all of you, Please have a look at my GIG’s and point out the mistakes.
I would be thankful to you.
With thanks!!

Hi, First of all, there would be a reason about why they blocked your account. Maybe you have violated TOS, you can discuss this with CS. Consider uploading a video to your gigs. And yeah! I wanna give you a suggestion that provide gig extras like source file etc as free for first 10 buyer. When you would be promoted to level 1, you can change them up to your needs. I think New seller should focus on building his reputation rather than focusing on $$$. Thats what I’ve done, when I was newbie. Hope this would help.

yeah you right…

I’m agree with mariarajput786 and I suggest to have a response time of 1 or 2 hours, download the fiverr app and try to have the online status.
that may help

Hi…!! anybody here for helping me. I can’t reply any message from buyer. Its say my message disable. What can I do.?? I submitted a request in Fiverr customer support but I don’t get any reply within 9 hours. Fiverr charge 20% from us bt why their service is 1% for us.??

You should wait until CS respond you.

I understand your frustration, but you shouldn’t spam another person’s post.
CS is extremely busy handling messages and complaints from hundreds and thousands of users, you should wait for at least 24 hours before you get upset. It’s been only 9 hours.

I would have to say that for most users, several days wait might be needed. Fiverr was also probably flooded by tickets about the to-do list, so response time may be extended.

Maybe you shouldn’t fake your picture to get sales and attention. Fiverr moderators and admins probably noticed it too and banned that account.


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