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Getting no buyer requests


why i am not getting buyer requests i check several times a day dont know whats wrong


Try this trick. Increase country language on your gig. click on all the language. BOOM!!! you will see alot of offer. Thanks


Are you saying that the OP should misrepresent how many languages she can communicate in? Generally speaking, you want to only list languages that you actually know.



Fiverr country language selection is not just for the languages you know or understand,The more request you receive from every part of the world


Perhaps we are talking about different things. In profile language selection the rules are in the help center:

" Language

To work with Fiverr, your command of the English language (speaking and writing) must be at a high level. Your mother tongue does not necessarily have to be English, but we expect sellers to communicate in the platform with a proficient level of English-speaking skills.You can add up to four languages. Only add languages in which you can communicate proficiently. The success of your business depends on this."

If you mean a different language selection, could you explain where it is or how to change it? Then I can see if I’m incorrect.