Getting no jobs


It’s been almost 2 weeks I’ve opened my Fiverr account but I’m not getting any jobs till this date. I send offer everyday to people offering them a higher service than my competitors !
I’m so hopeless right now, I think I should quit it really soon


I’ve checked out one of your gig descriptions. You stole it from @paulmaplesden. That’s not a good way to do business; only offer what YOU can do, and don’t plagiarize others.


I’m almost flattered, but not flattered enough to stop me reporting you.


you should use unique content as gig description. Also read fiverr terms & condition very carefully


Please don’t give up. Just keep trying… Follow the Proper instructions of Fiverr. It’s not a smart way to quit within weeks. Hope for the best.


Mind your language !


What makes you think like that huh ?


Thank you!
Although, I know about it but still I’m going over it :slight_smile:


Thank you ma’am :slight_smile: means a lot


Actually @catwriter gave you one of the best tips to stay safe and prevent Fiverr from suspending your gigs and/or account, and the language was respectful and friendly as far as I see it :wink:

I would also be more wary if I were you when talking to the person who you’ve copied :neutral_face:

Ask yourself this: if you had sales and success, would you like if someone else copied or stole your work? If the answer is no, that should be enough for you to take the required action right now. If the answer is yes, well, then I have no more words…


If your only skill is copying other people’s work, perhaps get an office job instead.
Photocopiers are expensive so I am sure there are some offices who would welcome you.

I must say, I really hate when people copy other’s gigs and then complain when they don’t get sales. The lack of any talent and the expectation of earning money in this way really irritates me. Go learn how to do something for yourself.


I wasn’t rude, and anyone can check Paul’s gig. Here’s yours:


And here’s Paul’s:

This isn’t a spot-the-difference game, it’s documented proof that you’ve copied large parts of another seller’s gig description.


I very much appreciate others drawing my attention to this. While I am keen to see and help other freelancers succeed, plagiarizing my work wasn’t really part of how I saw that working! I have reported this user and am being told he is being reviewed by the Trust and Safety team.


You can be certain that everyone is glad that you have reported him (well, maybe one person isn’t happy about it). Plagiarizing someone else’s work and offering a service they’re unable to deliver gives Fiverr and everyone working here bad rep, and doesn’t help anyone.


It has got to the stage where I now spend 20 mins every Sunday checking for copycats.
This is because one copycat had 55 sales before I noticed it and CS are querying which of us had it first! BTW, I have over 300 sales on that gig and my reviews start 6 months before his…
So far I have had 4 gigs copied, 2 of them were removed, 2 are still active because of the difficulty of proving it was mine.


I expected Fiverr to have some internal data like gig creation timestamps to check who was first, last gig description change timestamps to compare, etc.

I guess I was wrong :neutral_face:


Perhaps someone at Fiverr does but CS don’t.