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Getting no order for a long time

I got my first order after 3 months of creating my account. Then I have completed 4 orders successfully. But for the last 3 months, I got no order. I share my gigs regularly over social media and send buyer requests daily. Please help me, someone, if you can to get regular order. I am very much skilled in SEO tasks and I can demonstrate my work very well.



There are a few tips that I used to keep customers coming to my account.

  1. Always keep your prices to a minimum. Offer less for less money, and you can increase the price according to the customers need. For example, $5 for 500 words is more appealing to a buyer than $10 for 1000 words, but its the same thing.
  2. If customers are not coming to your account, decrease your cost and offer more for less amount. This will attract buyer to your gigs, and the more the orders you complete, the more the reviews that you get, and the more the people are attracted to your gig. The hard work you put for less money would actually be an investment. When you have a certain amount of reviews, you can then increase your prices again (slowly).
  3. Try changing your keywords. They are the major source for attracting buyers to your gig.

my problem same to you.

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I am getting good order from last month may be it because one of my gig came to first page, have you check your gig what page it shows on as most buyer tend to buy from first page.

how rank you gig, please share you advice.

i shared the gig on different internet forums related with my niche that way i derive direct traffic

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you can share me some example? whats type of forum you share you gig?