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Getting no order for the last 4 months

Hi, Fiverr forum.
Getting no orders for last 4 , months

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What have you been doing to be seen, valued, and chosen in the last four months? What actions have you taken to grow your services and connect to your target customers?

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I’ve been working properly for a week, should I use this account or make it new?

What have you been doing to grow your services and connect to your target customers this past week?

Share my gigs on social media send buyer and send buyer request

Clearly that isn’t working for you, and clearly, your target customers are not located on social media. What else do you think you can do?

Do not understand anything what can I do.

Am also stock in that too, no customer for the pass view months now after vacation resumption.

ohhh…It was very sad

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Fiverr has an entire section of their site dedicated to helping sellers become successful. You can find it at the bottom of any Fiverr site page. This forum is also full of great ideas, and you can take the time to search online and learn how to market successfully. Part of being a freelancer, and working for yourself, is taking responsibility for your own success, doing the research necessary, and experimenting until you find something that works for you. No one on this forum is going to make you successful, or send orders your way. You need to take actions to make things happen for you, instead of expecting other people to do everything for you.

I believe you have the ability to succeed, but YOU need to make that happen.


Should I run this account?

You are only allowed to have one account on Fiverr. Aside from being against the rules, starting a new account won’t guarantee any more success than you are having right now.

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Sound good, brilliant answers boss please check my gigs and let me know it’s ok or change something

I’ve already offered you plenty of advice. Me checking your gigs will not guarantee you success either. Learn what your target customers need, and then tailor your gigs to their needs. Research your competition, and find ways to out-do them. Build gigs that people notice, and absolutely must have. Then deliver work that earns you top reviews, and a positive reputation.


ok dude thanks a lot’s
I will give my 100%

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Hey! There are alot of other posts on this. Try checking those out? Otherwise, just keep trying to improve and try to see if you are doing anything different now than when you got orders

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