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Getting no order in last 5 days

Its been 5 days I am not getting any order. Before that generally I got 1/2 orders in a day.
If you have any suggestion for me ,please wright that.

Market and promote your gig. This is how any business finds their customers. Why do you think that, as a freelancer, it would be any different for you?

Figure out who your customers are, reach out to them, and convince them to hire you – just as every other business on the planet has to do.

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Thanks for your suggestion

Use all your social media platforms to promote your gigs.

There are also a couple of free and paid tools that you can use to increase the number of people seeing your gigs, one of such tools is ‘hitleap’

You should also look out at the buyer request section, and send out thoughtful and compelling notes.

All the best.

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Thanks a lot for your kind suggestion

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