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Getting no order It's been 2.5 weeks

Hi! I’m new to fiverr. I made some gigs in july and it’s 18th of august now still no orders. I’m getting clicks and views yet no orders. Please check my gigs to let me know what can I improve in order to get orders . Thanks

share your gigs link on social media

Your gigs are good you will have orders it takes time, sometime a month or 2 I got my first order after one month of joining. Promote your fiverr gigs, be online, and send buyer request.
Wish you best of luck:)


watch youtube videos how to promote your business and use those tactics for promoting your fiverr business.

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first of all you should enter some group of facebook or linkedin … specially for fiverr promoting then share your links with their member, all time I doing that

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Thanks <3 I’ll definitely promote my gigs from now on

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Thanks for the tips sir <3

If your gig is not unique then you will still face these problems so make sure to add very good portfolio images and take your time on description.