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Getting no order yetttt

I’m using fiverr since 5 months but on order yet. My impressions, click and views going down.


check if your gigs appear in search :slight_smile: if not contact fiverr support. If they do appear in the search then you have to be patient and keep improving your gigs (video, SEO, promoting etc…)

Good luck hope you get your first sale soon

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Be patient, you will get order. It stayed 8 months to get 1 order and now I am in level one. Look for the top seller gig and learn from there gig layout. See if you are not missing anything in your gig. If everything is done right you will get order.


Stay Online 24 Hr and Send buyer request daily !! Hope you will do Better in future!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Send buyer request daily with try to 24 hours active on your account. Definitely match your gig problem with others and also update your gig (optional).Hopefully it won’t be too late to get your success. :v:
Thank you.Stay blessed. :star_struck:

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Thanks for suggestions dear

Thanks for supporting me

Millions of thanks for appreciation

Thanks for giving suggestions, stay blessed

Please Update your Gig and send Buyer’s request Daily…
You will get Order Soon!!!


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Thanks but I’ve updated several times and sent requests , no response