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Getting no orders from last 15 days

Hello everyone,

Last month i get promoted to level one and since then i received few orders. But from last 15 days there is no order at all. No body contacted me. I am also applying for buyers request. With no level seller people contacted me more often. I am worried about this. Is this happening with everyone due to low work rate?

Also i find that as i get promoted to level one i can see the older buyers request. I find this really confusing because you don’t get to know that particular job is already closed or not. And whenever new buyers requests are posted it hard to find them, as i mix them up with all old one.

With seller level one it should be easier to get a job but for me it isn’t the case :frowning_face:


Same here man!
I don’t know what is eventually happening…
Trying to optimize my new gigs!

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I am having the same issue. But finally after 15 days I got an order that gave me little relief.


I also tried the same thing and optimize my gigs. It seems that my gigs are also also appearing on last when someone searches for services, as buyers were contacting me before for custom orders.

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That’s good. Hope you get more :slight_smile:


Nothing to be confused in this. Fiverr gives an opportunity for sellers L1 and L2 to have more buyer requests and you can put bid anytime and it will not disappear suddenly unlike for new sellers. If you find old buyer request, you can simply ignore it.

By suddenly disappearing, i thought that buyer have closed the job as he find someone suitable for his service. Didn’t know about this. Thank you for making this clear.

This is not always true, may be they have find it or not but I would say don’t put bids if its 1 day old, because chances are less.

I got your point. Thanks.