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Getting No Orders? Try these ideas! Don't give-Up

Hi Everybody, Hope you all are doing great.

Today in this Topic i’m gonna share some Cool and Effective Tips and Tricks to get orders. My this article is Highly Recommended for Beginners & Level One Sellers.

  • Following are Tips to get Orders Instantly.
  1. Make your Profile Look Professional. Here is a Perfect Profile, Check it.

  2. Use a good catchy image for you Gig 550 x 370.

  3. Make sure you Offer Something More than your Competitors. For example

  4. Promote & Optimize your Gigs regularly at SocialMedia Platforms & all over the internet .

  5. Make your Gig SEO friendly by using perfect Keywords, Description and Tags.

  6. Check Buyer Requests daily.

    I hope you guys have learnt something, STAY MOTIVATED Keep Trying you 'll Rock it.
    Thank You for your time and Appreciation Please Like the Article & share your views :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :innocent:


If you have any Questions you can ask.


That would be very helpful


Please tell how to optimise and do the seo for gig


I have asked how to promote, optimise and do SEO for Gig


thank you for sharing your knowledge, good luck and always healthy


You’re welcome, thanks for your concern, i 'll be glad to help you

You can Optimize your gig by choosing Good title, tags and description.
You can promote your gig by publishing it over all the internet and social media platforms

thanks .its an informative content.


You are welcome, i would like to assist you if you need any help, you can view my gigs for more experience.

Thank you for motivating all of us :+1:


you have to check the course offered by the Fiverr regarding the gig promotion

One trick I know is to use one word in gig topic and same word which u use in topic also use it in description first line and also use it in description three to 4 times ,this trick can rank your gig on top.

Please share some your views to rank gig high.


Hmm sounds great, i 'll try it by sure, can you tell me that Gig favorite exchange helps or not?

I just have a look at your Gig and it’s looking fine. Have you promoted and optimize your Gig?
please have a look here to get some idea

if you have any questions regarding promoted and optimize your Gig, you can ask

Okay thank you, i ‘ll ask if any help needed :hugs:

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Oh! You chose my profile as an example of a Perfect One )) It’s nice to realize )


Yeah it is, Do you have any problems, maybe i can provide you a solution


Haha yeah this man do this, but it’s nice to get views & the article is also informative

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  1. Why your article not recommended for other level sellers ( Level two and top rated) ?
  2. @upto_top You have joined Fiverr more than two years. You have no level yet and last delivery was 1year ago. Why your effective Tips and tricks are not working for yourself ?
  3. How your " Effective Tips and Tricks" will works for another sellers?
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