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Getting no sales


Hey gyz.

Am facing a problem here am getting no sale since along time just 11 sales on my al 4 gigs till the time i registere here at fiverr. I want you gyz to chek out my gigs at and give me some tips regarding my gigs :confused: need your help gyz.

Thanks and have a blessed day. :slight_smile:


Amir, check out some gigs that are similar to yours and selling well. Then, try to copy some, not all, of they are doing.



Hello Amir,

Try to offer unique services or better services than your competitor.

BTW i got 8 orders today!!! feeling great >:D<


I had offer the one am great at. I will try to merge my head into some unique gigs. Thanks for your tips.


Try sending out as many offers as you can under the requests, it has worked well for me so far.


The same thing is happening to me. I have been on fiverr for about two months now and yet no single sales. It’s frustrating.


Reply to @angela_writer:

It’s frustrating, isn’t it?

I had the same problem getting started too. If you really want sales, make your gig amazing for a short time. Maybe offer a 2000 word article in 24 hours. And sell it in your description.

It’s what I had to do.

After a day I had a sale, and everything improved from there. When you have double figure feedback, you can reduce the word count, yet still keep your customers and your rep.


My advice, do NOT offer several different gigs that you “might” be good at as some suggest. Highlite the skills you are absolutely amazing at. Make your picture and wording (description) eye catching and pleasant. Check your grammar even if you have to pay someone to do it for you, proofread your gigs I mean. I actually like your pictures. They are nice but not too busy. I personally can’t stand pictures that have a lot going on so I appreciate the simplistic tone of your photos. I would only offer one whiteboard gig, I saw you have three but what’s the difference? I think it could be confusing to buyers.

The biggest piece of advice is to be patient. I know it’s hard. I started on Fiverr, got absolutely no orders and ended up giving up. Over a month later, I received an email saying I had an order. I didn’t respond for three days because I honestly didn’t want to get my hopes up over one measly little order. However I ended up doing the order and I received a five star rating. After that my sales blew up basically. I have been receiving more sales steadily since then. It can take awhile but if you are doing everything to the best of your ability and following the advice of people who have achieved Fiverr success, eventually you will get there!


Hi Amir,

With trying to cater to English-speaking clientele, you need to be absolutely sure your grammar/spelling is spot on.

Personally, if I were looking through a list of possible gigs to order I would always lean toward the most professional, clean and correct option. If someone is misspelling words in their description, or their writing just doesn’t make sense, it makes me doubt their ability to get my project right.

Also, as Ashely points out, patience is key. I’ve been an active seller here for about two months and haven’t yet reached 20 total orders. I plan to spend as much time as I can on this forum to pick up some tips and tricks to increase sales. If I come across anything noteworthy I’ll pass it along.

Best of luck to you!



Hi, I am on fiverr for over a month and only got one order where I got a 87% rating. This is a bit heartening. Can anyone help me?



Perhaps you might want to take a look at this thread for a few quick tips that you could apply immediately:


Thank you all for your suggestions :).


m also so much tensed…i daily send buyer requests and every time log in to see if i get some order but since i have j i joined it just waiting…lucky you you had 11 sales…all the best bro


Reply to @joethorn: good tip. I’m doing transcribing and i’ve only got 1, 2 sales in the last two weeks. I am currently transcribing a 90 minute video, but how do I sell it in my gig? any ideas?


Hello, I’m also having the same problem, I’m a level 1 seller actually but lately I’m getting lower and lower orders and I’m sad because I want to level up. I wish you a good luck, and be patient.