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Getting Noticed

I am a new seller, so my gig just went up, but I’ve noticed that I’ve had 0 impressions. How do people find you? How do you get your gig noticed?

Another question -How do you get connected to Paypal for payment? My PP button is greyed out.

Fiverr is a big place and there’s a lot of competition with everybody.

Here’s some few things I’ve found with your gig to help you out:

  • There’s not yet a video to reel in the buyers!
  • Gig description has paragraphs and paragraphs of text that buyers don’t want to read. Try to put them into bullet points and make use of the bold and highlighter provided.

  • Also try making more gigs with different names, categories, and keywords and experiment in which brings more buyers.

If your gig just went up all you need is a little patience. Also, read through the forum and you’ll find a TON of helpful information on how to optimize your gigs.

As for Paypal, you must wait until your first payments have cleared (14-17 days after completed), then you’ll have the option to connect your account.

Best of luck to you!

P.S. My username makes use of the KISS principle! I’m with you there :slight_smile: