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Getting order in fiverr

I am using fiverr more than 3 months and had done a lot of marketting but i am not getting any order. Now I don’t know when i will get the order and how can i get the order. Can anyone help me telling that how can i get the order ?? Thanks in advance.

1-do some research about Off page and on page seo
2-search some better keyword,
3-be active more than 12 hours
4-send buyer request regularly
5-make a professional portfolio


Maybe create more than one gig, such as a photoshop related gig. Having a few gigs will help I think.
Send offers to buyer requests often.

Though quite a lot of people have favourited your gig so maybe that will help future sales.

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Thank you very much. But I don’t get order so getting frustrated. I don’t even get buyer request that much i get 2-3 request sometime.

Check out: for a multitude of tips on how to get orders.


I have been doing gig marketing for so long now but the way I get orders is so slow like 1 or 2 orders in a months. Again I know some people who are not doing any marketing at all and they are new in this market place but still getting orders like crazy. It really frustrating.

yeah you are getting order but I’m a not getting a single order even doing a lot of marketting.