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Getting order on the first day is an accident right?

I think getting an order on the first day is an accident. specially before doing any kind of marketing or sending any buyer request.

Everybody this days saying manythings. make an unique gig. do this do that. many experts are making tut on making gig or profile in youtube. I think everypeople know those tricks . I think more then 90% fiverr seller know every secret but how come only 10% get success within short time. I am sure only 10% are not the only skilled people.

I want to say does every skilled people get success here.
i want to ask “do you think getting success in the first day is an accident?”

any suggestion or opinion will be great.

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Why so focused on getting success on the first day?
This may not be the most interesting question to actually getting succesful in Fiverr (or anything really).

It’s probably not about skill but about sticking around long enough, and being smart enough to actually do the things that matter (aka connecting with your audience)

Are you familiar with the Dunning-Kruger effect?
It states that when you first start learning something (in this case selling on Fiverr) and you read a bit and get some basic knowledge you think that you have already learnt 90% of what you need to know, when in reality you know very little. If you keep learning you start realizing this and then, well, see the image below, it’s a long way ahead.

I have to say I’m no expert in Fiverr but I have gone trough this curve several times (even when you know the effect exists you can be a victim of it).

image source:

So far my experience in Fiverr has made me realize I’m still in that peak. I read and was critical with my gig, but until I started actually testing and doing work to improve my gig I didn’t realize how much more I need to work to become a successful freelancer.

In my case my realization is coming from timing how much time it takes me to do a dummy order (I make up a conversation of a potential real order and then I go and make the work), but it’s opening a whole new perspective about how to approach my experience with Fiverr and freelancing in general.

So to recap, it’s irrelevant if you get an order on your first day if your goal is to be a freelancer for more than one day.

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@alejocamaleon yes, this diagram need some attention. Thanks