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Getting order without information


Hello everyone,
I am going to tell about a problem that I have been facing here many times. Sometimes I get order from buyers without any prior discussion. Suddenly I get an order and the count down also starts. Now if I am not able to deliver by the time it hampers my performance in Fiverr which is not my fault. I have mentioned in my profile not to create order before asking me. Anyway this time I created a dispute for the unwanted order. But that shows that the buyer has to cancel it within 48 hours.So if he does not cancel then what will happen? would it show a late delivery? I do not know what to do with it. Really annoyed with this thing. Is there any option that a seller can cancel an unwanted order which will not hamper his/her performance in Fiverr? If not then there should be something in favor of the seller for this kind of problem. Is there anyone who have faced the same problem? Need suggestion.
Thank you


order will be cancelled if the buyer doesn’t respond within 48 hours (I have read about this issue about 2 months ago, but forgot the page link).

in case your buyer respond your dispute but still not providing sufficient informations, you could contact CS for cancelling the order. tell them what you are facing right now, and wait for their responce.


Thank you. :slight_smile:


you’re welcome :slight_smile:


hey he canceled the order. everything is alright. :slight_smile:


If this is a problem you keep having, you need to either set a longer delivery time and/or make some of the requirements mandatory when the gig starts. A buyer isn’t obligated to contact you first whatever you say in your gig description so you need to be able to deal with those orders in a way that isn’t cancelling them.


here comes the importance of making at least one mandatory requirement for each gig. I actually makes average of 3 mandatory requirements for each gig. This is so good because from one side I will not have orders without requirements (the order will not start until the buyer answer your requirements) so you will not receive random or orders done by mistake.
on the other hand some time it is useful even if you got what the buyer exacty needs but he/she didn’t answer to one mandatory requirement in this case the time to the dead time will not start until he answer all your requirements and you can leave it like this until you finish your work then you nudge the buyer for the requirements even if you passed the delivery date. actually that happened with me. :slight_smile:


really? But isn’t it awkward? that Buyer didn’t tell me a single word and created an order. obviously it creates problem for me because I know my schedule. this is why I asked every buyer to inbox me first and moreover I need to know what he wants and details of the work. Otherwise anything will come for me which I might not do well and the payment can also be different than I want.So altogether my career will be hampered here.


this is useful. Thank you :slight_smile:


You are welcome :wink:


Yes, really. Your gig should stand alone, even if you prefer buyers to contact you first, like I do. It’s up to you to make sure your mandatory requirements are properly written to elicit the information you need. Just for times like this.


You need to put a real price on your gig and not expect buyers to contact you to discuss it. Some will and some won’t. If you keep canceling gigs, you won’t be able to level which will affect your sales very adversely. If you run late repeatedly that will also cause you problems. You need to put a delivery time that you know you can manage while allowing for sleep and other commitments. Fiverr is designed for buyers to be able to instantly purchase a gig at the stated price and time.

Some buyers will contact you first if they want something that isn’t exactly what you describe or if they aren’t sure. For those buyers you may need to discuss price and time and send them a custom quote. There is no way to guarantee that buyers will contact you, though.