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Getting orders again,Things getting better


I have been demoted to level one, Now after maintain my profile I am level two again, been suffering 1 month with no orders, but now getting messages from buyers,I will advice do not cancel orders, because that was my reason to be demoted.


I also lost my Level-02 badge last month. But still not get it back. I don’t know what is the wrong :frowning:


Yeah It will take time to get new orders with best rating and completion on time.


They already Disabled my account :frowning: I don’t know what is going on. I had been working here for more that 4 years.


Make sure your activities was not against fiverr policies? And did they warn you before disabling the account?


They warned me and after then I got message that my account was disabled :frowning: I had nothing to do. What can I say! Fiverr was my only income source. Nothing to say!