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Getting orders as a New Seller

When a buyer goes through all the offers he or she receives for a task they want to be completed, why don’t they consider choosing one of the New Sellers so that the New Seller can prove themselves and show case their talent.


Maybe because new sellers don’t have as many reviews as Level 1 or 2 sellers and therefore the buyer can’t say for sure that the seller is going to do a good job? I’d imagine that to be one of the reasons.


Are you a seller? You don’t seem to have any gigs up - I’m just asking as there have been occasions when sellers thought they had live gigs and then found they were paused.


Why do you think new sellers are pushed to the side?

This month I purchased 5 gigs from different sellers and I have to admit that none of them were new sellers. I don’t care what your level is, but I do care about seller’s portfolio, gig description, reviews etc. Out of 40-50 offers there are usually 3-4 new sellers who have actually put some effort into their offer. However, most level 2 sellers have learned over the years how to write effective offers.

So, I might as well ask why new sellers don’t polish their portfolio, write better offers and why a lot of newbies steal their portfolio from other sites? Why newbies make it so difficult to hire them :slight_smile:


Fiverr is like anything else…

You don’t aspire to let the new employee make your food, or to drive alongside of the new permit holder. The higher the cost - the more you want to trust that your account is being handled by a professional. If you (or any new seller) has an extensive background in the area of your gigs (which… should be the case in theory) you have to present yourself as the professional you are right away.

What new sellers lack in reviews they must make up for in investigative research and a professional demonstration. Showcase your material in video. Present a description that speaks to what people are looking for.

And above all else… the sellers that get gigs, the ones highly rated and highly ranked, they went out of their way to find and network traffic. It wasn’t an accident that they got great reviews and increased business.


This. Absolutely. …


I was going to go with my stock standard “fake advice guy” response, but I opted for the jonbaas impression instead.


Always go for the Jonbaas impression. Always.


That’s the thing how. Will they know if the New Seller is good if they don’t give them a chance to prove themselves

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Hey. I am a seller and all my gigs have an active status

I always try to make my offers pleasing to the buyers and always highlight my experience in the desired tasks.

Maybe you’re using a different account, but @khalia doesn’t have any active gigs
Can you post one of your gig links here?

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It doesn’t mean that buyers are not hiring you because of your level. It could easily be that your portfolio or gig description is not appealing enough.

What we are trying to say is that if you’re offering high quality service at a reasonable price then nobody cares what your level is. If you’re not getting any work then most likely it’s related to the fact that we can’t see your gigs or that you need to work on your gigs to make them more appealing. There are plenty of helpful posts here.


I think you are right. I am just a day old but a bag of skills in my field. I can offer even much more than the old sellers will. The thing is getting buyers to trust you.

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You’re a writer yet your gig description is one sentence and your portfolio has only stock photos.
Start with the basics and time will tell if are able to offer more than old sellers :wink:


Buyers will comek your way keep praying, keep pushing never give up everybody have a pay day.

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I’m glad to hear that you feel you are extremely skilled in what you do. Perhaps you can prove that somehow in your gig. Just saying you have great skills isn’t going to convince any buyers, but proving it with samples of your work might.

Right now, I don’t see any skills featured on your gig page.


I think sellers have a few options to check the quality of a gig. May it be the feedback or the portfolio. If none of that is available, then they might be convinced to order from you because your gig description is really good or offers something other sellers don’t offer. I, for example, am working as translator and German proofreader so I was wondering if I was even allowed to use the portfolio because it shows intellectual property of someone else, just in a different language or edited. So instead, I played around with my gig description and pricing and used buyers requests to get some first reviews. It sure takes time if you can’t prove that you are good but in my experience, there are a lot of buyers who will give you a chance at some point or another.


You left off the _ Its Khalia_

I actually used Buyers Request to get my first gigs, at the cost of 50% of my earning… But it worked out in the end because my client tipped me the other 50%. :blush: