Getting Orders for New Sellers


Hi everyone, I’m a Level 2 Seller and would like to share some points for beginners which they should always follow to get sales.

  1. Try to use videos as they are recommended by Fiverr.
  2. Use custom designed images using a tool like Canva.
  3. Always offer revisions & fill in your gig description with details.
  4. Respond fast and keep on updating the client with progress.
  5. Always be polite and in case you can’t meet the deadline, open a resolution by asking the buyer.
  6. Don’t commit to what you can’t do, be honest.
  7. If you can’t offer something unique, then offer it in a different way or stand out by exceptional customer service.
  8. Use accurate English, if you’re not a native speaker, then use an online proofreader.

Do all these and they’ll have a positive impact on your sales, especially you’ll get repeated customers by Points 4-6.

How to get the first order
Want to promote my Gig

Thanks for your educative msg


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which video recommended by fiverr


Using a custom video in your gig gallery along with a photo which showcases your services.


Nice techniques.
Just to add to the list:

  1. Seller should keep updating/changing their gig keywords. Doing this will improve the gig ranking. On each section front page, I see new sellers gig appearing on the front page. New sellers should check the ‘keywords’ and use same to improve their search.


The new sellers appear because Fiverr automatically offers them that opportunity for exposure in the first 2 weeks,I read it somewhere but yes,maybe the keyword thing works too! :slight_smile:


I totally agree on you. Thank you for the tips :smile:


Thank you for the post. :slight_smile:


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I have read on the forum that your gig will not appear in the first pages for a while after you make any changes to it. Even if you just click on edit gig and change nothing!


Video has been a great help in attracting buyers! Powtoon (cartoons) is great for this.


Thank you I learned many thing from this post


Great tips thanks for your tips


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Exactly, they rank higher in Fiverr’s algorithm as well from what I’ve heard.


I think I read that in the little description Fiverr gives about what types of content works best. Anyway, it wouldn’t surprise me at all!


I am new Fiverr member’s.I hope that this could help me because I did not recieve any order after 5days submission