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Getting Orders for New Sellers


Does this really work? Can others attest to this? I just read another post that said changing key words or descriptions could actually HURT your ratings. I’m kind of afraid to, to be honest.


Very helpful tips. Thank you.


Valuable artcle for new sellers. Thanks


I have edited my gig and it still on eBook writing front-page.


I am a new seller. After a thousand attempts, I am not getting any work. No effort is available to me. Now what can i do?


yes i think is good…


Try to promote your gigs on social media as well and follow the tips I recommended.


but it’s not working boss.


thanks for your advice.


It’ll take a while,took me about 8 months to get my first order.


Nice Tips for Beginner…You always get order at fiverr…


Thank you. :slight_smile:


Woah! That long? How are the orders coming in now?


7 months*,now,it has been a constant flow so quite happy. :slight_smile:


What an encouraging story! I love hearing things like this. It’s easy to start thinking it’s never going to happen if you’re not getting regular gigs after a week or month or so. But you’re proof you’ve just gotta stay in the ring!


Glad I could help out,to be honest,I also stopped believing that I’d get any orders but as the first one came out of the blue,it became better.


So it’s true then that it’s like a snowball effect? And as soon as a few gigs come in it becomes easier to get more and more?


Its like how the ranking algorithms work.If the buyer is satisfied and leaves a 5 star review,other buyers can see this on my profile so they know I am trustable and could do the job(most cases) so these add up to more orders.

Apart from this, Fiverr would also rank gigs on the top in searches if it is successful and customers are satisified so yes a snowball effect in a way.


Thank you for the positive and informative message! I am a new seller and I find these to be very helpful tips.

Thanks again!


You’re welcome,glad you found them helpful! :wink: