Getting orders from buyers


I need to improve my profile so that the buyers can be able to ,order. I am getting all,impressions,clicks,views but no orders. What do i do?


You need to complete your profile description as this is blank. Suggest you look at other profiles to see how this is completed but do not copy anyone. Also check out for how to get off to a great start on Fiverr. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you. Please, if you do find something that can be able to help me out, let me know.


I’ll offer :one: Tip :bulb:

Be creative with your gig titles.

I will do all the available work with the dedication

I will work tirelessly so as to deliver as per your request

See what I mean? These titles are vague, tell potential buyers exactly what you’re willing to do. :pineapple:


I understand what you are saying


try to make sure your gig cover image as possible as attractive best wishes for you :point_right:


Some things cannot ever be sold, while other things are just not ready for sale yet. Your stuff is one of those.

In what language do you propose to write articles, such as they would not be an embarrassment to your buyer? What about your gig title, description and video would possibly convince someone to hire you as their VA?



thank you i will take time to change.