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Getting orders from gigs & buyer requests

Hi there!

I’m still pretty new here as a seller and really aiming for more! :slight_smile:
Started some social media promo and stuff like that, but it seems I can’t get an order from search.
Actually all my orders I completed right now are coming from buyer requests and follow-up orders from those.
I want to feel the “YEAH” when the first “search order” flying in! haha

So - from experience, how long did it take for you?


I think it was around two weeks for me. Not quite sure though.

Even now, I don’t get a lot, and I’m fine with that. Part-time Fiverring can be rough if there’s too much work on your plate.

You probably don’t realize it but you have made a great start on Fiverr. Some sellers take months to get their first order! I am sure it won’t be long until your first “YEAH” but meanwhile just keep doing what you are doing … and remember repeat buyers are the bread and butter of a great business.
Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey, this great that you’ve started earning on fiverr already. It took me 12 days for the first order. And it was from Buyer Request. But after that I got 2 orders of your YEAH type :wink:

From then orders are still flooding.
Here are some tips to get orders without Buyer Request:-

  1. Keep marketing on social media.
  2. Avoid Facebook as it kills your traffic.
  3. Use G+ amd Twitter more and more.
  4. Use unique short titles for yoir gigs, as short titles come up at very first page of fiverr soon!
  5. Provide unique services and add your extras as free in your main gig offer. For few days, then you can change it back to as paid extras.

Wish you all the best.
Thank You

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Thanks for your words.

I think it’s just about motivation and efford. I really WANT to succeed here at Fiverr, so I don’t sit in front of my PC and wait. I try, try, try and try. Still no work, so I repeat.

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I’ve no clue about Twitter and G+ actually so I should take a look at those!

Thanks! :slight_smile:

You are on your way to success! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes boss,
You should. Spend some time on
Learn how to increase your gig views. And you’ll learn how to market yourself.
You need to understand the marketing strategy. That is if you knock 100 people for buying your products door to door, only 5 will buy it.
So in digital world, the ratio is kind of knock more to get more. 500 knocks for 5 sales. Believe in it. And you’ll never get frustrated.

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Okay thanks!
Hopefully I don’t have to wait much longer! :slight_smile:

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