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Getting Orders From My Buyers

Hi everyone. I joined Fiverr back in February. So far I have had one order so far. I nearly had another one as well but the communication between the two of us wasn’t that easy as this buyer’s English wasn’t that great. I wish to get more orders in from buyers primarily by writing articles and creating business cards. I have been sending offers to buyer requests everyday but there hasn’t been any responses.
Do you guys have any tips for me to get more orders in? My Fiverr name is leifjohnson96. I have attached a link here:
Thank you.


Not really, I am afraid.

The tips you want are tips that are 100% effective, and that doesn’t exist.

You can find plenty of tips telling you to change your description, put better keywords, better images, share your link on social media, click F5 every 5 minutes on Buyers’ request every day, send 10 buyers request unique replies daily… all kinds of tips.

But it doesn’t work in a way one can say do this and it will work.

I had orders, now I don’t, tomorrow maybe I will have orders, then I won’t.

It is more like a lottery where if you make extra extra effort it only means you get to pick more numbers.

Still, if you get to choose 30 numbers from 60, what are the chances you will get 5 right?

So, improve your description, GIG images, share your service on social media, answer to buyers’ requests, exercise, drink enough water, eat healthy, get some sun, be in nature, relax, enjoy… live life.


Thank you for your help. I understand bit better now.

Thank you for your help