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Getting orders!

I’ve been on fiverr for a while now and I haven’t gotten any orders is there a way I can improve this??

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Do not loose heart.
Be motivated.
You will get orders.

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Hi! Welcome on Fiverr.Com one of the best freelancing platform.
There is no easy way to earn money or to achieve something, but the hard work makes things real.
If you’re a new seller, try to make the 7 gigs, promote them on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Forums…
Make a good description for your gigs and don’t copy them, just to have some ideas before creating any gig; You can check some good description.

Good luck:)


mam how you share your gigs on fiverr forum?

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You can share your gigs under the My Fiverr Gigs section. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Try to send buyer requests daily bases

No, most definitely do NOT do this. You cannot promote your gigs in this forum category. The only place you can promote your gig links on this forum, is in the “My Fiver Gigs” forum. Gig/link promotion outside that forum category is likely to get deleted as spam.


Yeah I know about promotion.
I was just guiding if he needs guidance about gig. Not for promotion.

Your spin is unnecessary. You were encouraging people to promote their gigs in the wrong forum.

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That was not my attention.
Actually I thought may be they needs help about their gig.
But for next will not do that.
Hope you understand.