Getting paid extra cash


Hello there Gigmates. I’m a new member and I gotta say I totally love fiverr. So, recently I had my first order which I diligently worked on and delivered fast. The client happened to be very impressed and decided to pay a little extra something. Now the only issue I have is how to get the extra payment since the gig had a fixed price of 5$ and the client is pretty serious about it. Any help will be verily appreciated.


Reply to @fastcopywriter: Haha. Reminds me of the warning, DO NOT FEED THE BEARS.


You can create a tip gig. Since you’re an artist, you can call it tip-an-artist. Then when you deliver orders, you can write

Care to tip?

Of course, if I had written “tip” instead of “feed,” I wouldn’t have to write “care to tip.” So don’t make my mistake. LOL


The buyer can order the gig again to give you an extra $5. You can then click Deliver and just attach a thank you note or whatever you like. Many sellers make a gig just for tips.


Thanks alot…I appreciate your help :slight_smile:


Reply to @silverlamar: No problem! Grats on your sales!


Another way is that you can create a gig where you say I will graciously take a tip from you. See the one I created below. But unfortunately no one had given me a tip:)