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Getting paid less on an order

So,Here i am now.Not sure why i get paid less.It is the order of $85 on my Dj logo gig.After the buyer completed and review it.It says on top “You earned $36”…As recently i cleared order of $85 last month & I earned $68. but why it is for this time? anyone here to help? Thanks!


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Could you provide a screenshot? (Is your currency set to USD? Were there extras applied?)

Sure,I can provide…and yes it is set to USD and ya on the current order buyer purchased $40 for ownership rights.

Welcome to the community. On the first snapshot, I found that you sold an gig’s extra at $40. I think if you see your earnings then you found your total earnings from $45+40. It’s happen when you modify the order budget or selling gig’s extra. But don’t impact on your earnings.

Thanks being here sohan.So,im still confused about coz, the prices of both orders are same and things too.but why earning is differ

Coz,On the second Screenshot i also include the price of rights and that was all together.
on the latest one.buyer purchased rights from xtra’s for $40 and $45 premium pack.

Fiverr takes 20% of the order.

20% of 85 is 17.

85 - 17=68

Based on this math, you should earn 68 and you did.

So math checks out.

Sure Financialquazar,Im not sure why i earned $36 for this time.
It is be $68

It shoud be $68 not $36…

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Your first order was one transaction of 85$, your second order was 2 transactions.

Fiverr apparently has a display issue currently but if you’ll check your pending clearance you’ll see 2 transactions for 45$ and 40$ (minus 20% of course)

it says you earned 68 in the second picture, i dont see where it says 36…

Edit: just saw it.

@mariashtelle1 is correct.

So Maria,I’ve also checked there on pending clearance…it says $36 there also :confused:

Financial, look at the latest one im talking about the first pic

that’s the clearence of the $85 one…it should be $68

It should be 2 separate transactions, not one

It just shows it this way, not a bug. On the green thingie on your order your earnings for the base price of the order are displayed. And on your earnings page it will be two separate transactions.
For example here’s a screenshot of my earnings for a $40 order + $10 tip:

And here they are on the earnings page as two separate lines with Fiverr’s fee deducted:

you solved it…Thank you…Yes,I have 2 transactions of the same order :smiley:
Thank you very much again!

Take care all!