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Getting Paid? Where do I put ,my PayPal info

I am happy as after about eight months on here I just made a sale !!! Wow, 7 USD I can stop working …but joking aside. HOW Do I GET Paid? I cannot see any PAYPAL section to fill in my PayPal Can anyone tell me where ???


yes yes first go to revenue section then click on paypal button then fiverr send you an email related your paypal conformation.

Plese click on ‘Selling’ and the ‘Earnings’ from the drop-down menu. Please visit the link from drop-down menu. Cheer!


I did this my PayPal button is in Gray which could mean its activated? Does it really take one month to get paid? Do you get paid for the GIG when it has been done and is accepted by the client?

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you can upload a screen shot .:innocent:

No - it doesn’t take a month to get paid. Once the order is completed, either automatically, or by the buyer accepting the delivery, your payment goes into a ‘pending’ state for 14 days. It can be withdrawn after that.

Here’s some more info which may help:


@offlinehelpers nice.

When you have funds available, you’ll be able to click that box. It will walk you through the process of setting up your PayPal account.


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The gig was just finished and accepted… but as you can see from the screen shot nothing is showing on the top figures…maybe it takes time? Or will be pushed through on a working day by Fiverr?

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Did you read any of the links I suggested or the info @vapeskorea offered?

After your order is accepted (which it has been - well done), your payment becomes pending for 14 days, then you’ll be able to withdraw it - that’s when you can setup your PayPal address.

Edited to add - nothing’s instantaneous - you’ll need to wait a wee while before your payment becomes pending.


So if I understood I must wait 14 days to then access it and push it to my PayPal?


You’ve got it! :slight_smile:

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