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Getting payed but not receiving the money

I finished translating something somebody requested me, even though the person reviewed my services the money isn’t adding up to my profile, what do I do?


It’s not appearing at all, or it appears as the wrong amount? If the former, give it 24hr, as sometime the system is slow to update. If the latter, make sure you have the right currency settings. (Also, it might appear on different lines, rather than all in one line item.)

I may take some time like 24 hours. Also check your order and give review to client as well and make sure the order is marked as completed.

It is marked as completed, but the money doesn’t add up to my profile.
And yes, I also did review the client.
And it has been more than one and a half day since the client reviewing my job.

lol just wait 14 days to be Cleared

I see you didn’t read how fiverr works and what is in the contract that you signed.

It takes 14 days pending clearance before you can withdraw your money