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Getting payments on a specific day of the month?


Ok so I’ve realized that the payment for many of the gigs I delivered will be sent to me on different days, which is really weird. I have a few non-freelance jobs where I get paid on a specific day of the month. Is it possible to have payments from fiverr sent to me on a specific day of the month. It feels weird and unorganized to be payed several payments throughout the month. I like to keep track of payments easily instead of it being scattered around.


Good point. Though I find it inconvenient that it days 2 whole weeks to clear payment. I also use oDesk for getting jobs and it takes them 2-3 days to clear payment. I wonder what causes the system to take 2 weeks… Sure, you only get paid $5 (technically $4 because of the fees) on fiverr but on oDesk, you can get larger amounts of money so does fiverr make it longer to clear because you only get $5? It forces you to wait longer? I honestly wish the payments would clear in 1-3 days and then I can withdraw whenever I want. I would rather have the money available for me a few days after the payment is sent so that I can choose whether or not to withdraw than to be forced to wait until I can withdraw.


Haha yea I noticed the text changed. It wasn’t a link. It was actually the name of a really well-known site that freelancers use and pretty quick on payments. Well, I hope things get better. It’s my first month on fiverr and things seem to be going well. I hope I get more orders and the pay comes in as the weeks go by.


I agree with madmoo… I think the clearing process takes so long to allow for disputes. In case a buyer had a problem with your delivered work and wanted a refund or something, they would need to contact customer support and work it out with them. This usually wouldn’t take 14-17 days to clear up, but if the buyer doesn’t contact customer support right away, it could. So, they are probably just trying to give the buyer ample time to submit their complaint and get it resolved. :slight_smile: Which I feel is very fair.


Hmm, I don’t believe it has anything to do with disputes. I think they have a huge bank account where they pool ALL money with a high interest deal. With a two week buffer, they will ALWAYS have a ton of money in there to earn interest off of.