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Getting "picked on" by Fiverr Reps

Alright, maybe i am not getting “picked on” deliberately but this is not far from it. Here my long story short…

I set up a Gig and tried to add a video. The gig was accepted but the video was denied because it did not mention it was “exclusively on fiverr”…

Only… it actually did! No only it did, but there is no way you can miss it. I tried submitting again and, bam! rejected for the same reason. Tried again and, KABOOM! same response!!

I sent an email to support and initiated a ticket. Then i realized i had two tickets open for the same reason (the email became a ticket too).

Anyways, here is the response from (fiverr) Ron:

"Your video does indeed state that it is “exclusively on Fiverr”. However in order to pass our editors please upload a video of yourself presenting your own gig"

and here is the response from (fiverr) Michael:

"Your video denied since you did not mention the service is offered exclusively on fiverr. Please change your video and resubmit to our editorial team’s review"

Hopefully these two, Ron and Michael, are buddies and i am the joke of the day :slight_smile:

that, or fiverr support exists in a different dimension…

A short update on this story…

Fiverr looked into it again and they told me i have to actually add MYSELF in the video, i.e. the propsective customers have to see me talking…

My video included my voice and animations that showed how the product works :confused:

I was told that showing myself is required by my Gig category (social media marketing). However, when i browse gigs of other videos in this category i don’t always see the sellers appearing in their videos. Yet, Fiverr claims that this is required.

Do they have different policies for different customers?

I am Greek :slight_smile:

Does that make a difference?

Oh, and btw, they didn’t even apologize for giving me wrong information…

I am submitting my video again. Let’s see how this goes.

@ioannist I believe they do have unmentioned ‘rules’ for categories. I’ll tell you this- One day all of a sudden I wasn’t able to turn my gig’s live portfolio feature off. Every order that I delivered had to be included in my live portfolio. You had no choice anymore whether to turn it on or off when you delivered an order. I came to the forums inquiring about it and was told that there was a notification sent months and months prior to everyone in my category, and that it was now mandatory to have your live portfolio always enabled. Only I never received any such message or anything. I opened up a support ticket and it was answered by Anna who told me to clear my cache/cookies and see if the problem still persisted. The live portfolio feature seemed to go off and on at this point, sometimes I wouldn’t be able to deactivate it and sometimes I would. I responded once again that I was still having the issue and this time Michael seemingly answered in the same ticket and told me that work samples were now enabled as default for the work that I provide, right? Well then all of a sudden days later I gained back full access of my live portfolio in which I could turn it on and off when I desired. It’s been fine since

I never heard anything about not being able to have a slideshow type video if your gig is in a certain category. How you advertise your gig, whether that would be with a slideshow type video or having yourself in the video should be your choice… That doesn’t seem fair to me. I also see those types of videos in all different categories