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Getting punished and demoted for honesty

This is a story from my friend, that wishes to be anonymous and not suffer more witht his issue.

“So, I had a warning on Fiverr that I was helping someone do their academic work and I was committing academic fraud, which is against Fiverr policy. And I realized that I did do that, but I didn’t know. So I startes being very careful on my orders so I don’t get a penalty. And then I find out one of my customers with a big order is doing the same thing. This was a huge order, and I did a milestone already, so I didn’t know what to do. So I contacted the customer support and they said they can’t help me, I can just ask for mutual cancellation and receive no money and suffer with rating. Then I told them that it is not fair, I could have said nothing, but I did not want a penalty and I want to obey the Fiverr policy so I want to cancel the order but I don’t want to get demoted because of it. After a few messages, they cancelled it without it affecting my rating. However, a few hours later I receive a penalty for doing someone’s academic work and I get demoted because of it. And after I complained that I literally reported the guy to not get a penalty they acted like that doesn’t matter. And 2 days later I saw it affected my completion rate! I literally reported the customer going against Fiverr policy and I get punished? How does that make sense??? And now I’ve been stuck in a loop with Customer Support, that is now ending because they are ignoring me.”

I wanted to leave this story here, because this is highly unfair and I want to help her get her 100% completion rate that was affected without a reason.

See what happened has happened, it’s past now.

Fiverr is being very strict these days and you can’t do anything other than following their policies and accepting their decision, it’s their platform overall.

I recommend you to read TOC again and modify your friend gig to fit with that.


We read it, and my friend doesn’t wish to leave it in past, because his/her completion rate is now affected and he/she got demoted FOR NO REASON!

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:arrow_up: This is punishable according to Fiverr’s ToS and anyone who violates it (no matter whether they report it to Fiverr or not) will have to pay for this mistake. So, there is a perfectly good reason for Fiverr to demote your friend.

If I go to the police after perpetrating a crime and be candid with them about it, it is not going to exempt me from jail time…

You are absolutely right… Your friend SHOULD NOT leave it to the past… Your friend should take away important lessons and learn from this experience.

Good luck for the future!

Okay, yes, and we respect that. But if someone doesn’t know, and finds out later and doesn’t want to complete the order for that reason, why is that person being punished???
It’s not the same as the crime example. This would be like, someone tricking you into stealing by telling you they paid and then you go to the store and return it and maybe even pay for it and you go to jail…

If someone gives you an order saying to write an article and you do it and after you do it you find out that you are committing academic fraud and going against Fiverr policy, what should you do? Should you complete the order and play dumb? Or should you do an honest thing and go to Fiverr for help?
He/she went for help and she got punished.

EVERY Fiverr user should thoroughly go through Fiverr’s Terms of Service (and understand each and every clause mentioned in it) before even creating an account here. If you have some doubts regarding certain clauses, you can always ask for help from CS. But if you don’t know the terms or fail to abide by them, it is no one’s fault but your own.

:arrow_up: If this is the case, you should contact CS and attach screenshots (along with the support ticket) of the interactions you had with the buyer which can prove that the buyer tricked you. This would only work if the buyer clearly specified that the work you were doing for them was “non-academic” in nature. If the buyer was not very specific with the wording, this is not gonna help.

I read the Terms and that’s why he/she went to CS to report the guy that tricked him/her. The thing is he just asked for articles, there was no specification of “non-academic” but no mention of “academic either”. He later went to say that the professor will fail him if something is not included and that’s when he/she reacted.

Only your friend and Customer Support know the full story regarding this. It is difficult to know what actually happened from a third party version of events.

This cannot be considered an act of trickery. The buyer just did not specify if it was academic or not. The seller should make sure they find out before working on the order.

This is where the seller’s common sense comes into play. When you start working on the order, you will have an idea/hunch if the work you are doing is meant for academic purposes. I have had several such cases and I ALWAYS clarify with the buyer and get a statement from the buyer saying that this work is not meant for any academic purpose (before I start working on the order). After placing the order, if the buyer changes his/her statement and says that it is for academic use, I will immediately contact CS and ask them to cancel the order (making it amply clear that I haven’t started working on the order). This is what I do :arrow_down:

Since nobody here is willing to give you a honest answer I will. The answer is that your friend is mistaken. Mistaken to cancel the order through CS that is. You see fiverr really cares about only 1 thing. Its 20% share. If CS steps in regarding any order and regarding any reason in the World the seller will be punished. Tell your friend to not involve CS and solve any issue she has with the buyer directly. Maybe using mutual cancellation.


People give answers depending on their own knowledge, experience, and opinion, that’s normal, doesn’t have to do anything with not willing to be honest.

I, for example, had an order that was violating the terms, and support canceled it for me, also the buyer’s account was gone a bit later, and that was it, my rate didn’t drop, I didn’t get demoted, I didn’t get a warning, nothing. It’s almost 4 weeks, so I assume I’m safe in that regard.

I’m not sure why people seem to have such varied results, though. Maybe it’s what exactly they say to CS, or who gets to work on their ticket, or other factors or circumstances we don’t get to hear about.

It doesn’t make sense to generally warn people from contacting support if they know for sure they didn’t do anything wrong, support is there to solve issues like that, we’re paying for, among other things, support with our 20% fees, and support and Fiverr should know about those issues.

My opinion only, of course, and I can understand that some people rather keep quiet and not risk a thing instead taking a chance. But. If I had been too afraid for my rates and level to take a hit and not reported the buyer but canceled myself, I’d still have taken a hit with my completion rate and that buyer could have done that to me again, or to other sellers, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the first time they did it, the whole circumstances reeked of it.


Words of a wise man.

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