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Getting punished for no reason!

Since the beginning, I have been trying to keep my “Average response time” under 1 hour. Diligently replying to every message within 1 hour except for a few (Can’t reply when I am sleeping but they are a few times). But suddenly I noticed that the average response time under my profile showing 1 hour while it is showing 3 days under my gig page. I have contacted CS and it’s been 6 days already with no solution at all.

If it was me replying late I could still understand it as being my fault and I will have no one to blame but myself. But why without any reason I am getting punished like this? If I was a buyer I wouldn’t probably contact someone who’s Average Response Time is 3 days.

If it will be like this why do we even need to reply to messages in due time since it’s not going to show the real value anyway?

And fellow sellers, Always check the “Average Response Time” under your gig page. I have been checking the one on my profile and dashboard response time and thought everything is fine!! But it is not and I don’t know how long it’s been going on like this.

P.S. If anyone else faced the same problem, let me know how you have solved it. TIA


Hi, i don’t see any “Average Response Time” under gig page. It maybe average delivery time? Can you take a screenshot of it?

@limetones You can see it on the gig page right side corner.
Gig page


Maybe a bug, this is how i am seeing it.

That’s on my profile it is showing 1 hour to me too.

See the Gig page link I posted previously. It is showing 3 days.

Besides the gig package section.

I don’t really care what response time it’s showing especially on the gig. I’ve been here long enough to know that some people doesn’t even bother to read the gig description so I doubt that they go into such details looking where they can see a response time on a gig


Well that is good news to hear. As long as it doesn’t affect sales. But I am beginning to doubt it since for some time I am getting lesser and lesser order from new buyers. My sales would have been null if not for repeat buyers.