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Getting Ranked on the First Page


Yeah, this is the holy grail for everyone and this advice won’t apply to all gigs but everyone should consider if this can be something they can try.

A couple of days ago I needed some stuff for a client as part of a larger project. It was a writing project but a little different or more niche to what I order from the writers I hire regularly so I decided to search and see if anything came up for it. In two years and several thousand searches the following has never happened to me!
I got one result! 1!
Luckily it was someone I knew from the forum and so I was happy to just order immediately.

The thing is, I don’t believe this was a particularly unusual search term yet only one seller had a gig offering it - out of 3 million gigs on Fiverr. However, this seller had taken the time to make a specific gig for this and it got her the sale. It’s worth noting that this order was for around $100 in total but I split it between that seller and 2 people I hire regularly. If I was a new buyer or did not have a number of people I use regularly then I would have given the full order to the specialist gig.

I’m not going to say what it was exactly as I would be quite happy for that seller to keep her exclusivity but I will give some hints on what you could do to try become the exclusive gig or one of very few on a search term.
For anyone that offers any kind of creative service, have you got gigs that are for specific times of the year, holidays, niches etc?
If not, why not? For sellers of videos, logos, voiceovers, websites testimonials, writers etc, use some of your spare gig slots and look at what niches and holidays have very little competition. It might take an hour to find one or two that you can do but surely that is better than just waiting and clicking refresh?

With the holidays that are coming up in quick succession in the next couple of months, a little effort could pay off in a big way. Remember that specialization means you can charge a premium for it too!

Also, when you have a gig for say, Christmas - after Christmas just pause it and replace it with one for New Year, Valentines, Patrick’s day etc and then reactivate it the next year. You could cover most holidays and occasions in rotation and use only one or two gig slots.
PS. I don’t recommend changing the title on gigs, create separate gigs and just pause and unpause them as they are needed.

Sale/Discount feature

Actually, there might be more than just that 1 result - this happened to me a few times in the past, where I would search for something, and 1 or even 0 results would show up, which made no sense to me as there should’ve been at least a few sellers offering what I searched for (I was certain that they were there in the past).

So I contacted CS asking them if it’s a search bug or not, and they told me that there could be gigs that don’t show up because they’re pending approval after edits, being reviewed, etc., and guess what? After a couple of days, searching for the same terms had brought up a handful of results :wink:

Conclusion: when you stumble upon a search term that yields no results or just 1/a few, don’t immediately assume you’ve found a gold mine, and re-check that search term after a couple of days - there might actually be gigs for that term that are being reviewed by Fiverr and thus not showing up just yet.


And here you have toppled the holy grail that everyone was about to take a sip of. :smiley:

Well, great advice by Eoin nonetheless. Many people search for particular words (like holidays, specific niches etc.) to get exactly what they need.


To add something more to what mr.Woofy has said, today I searched my gig by its name and surprisingly there were many gigs shown in the results but not mine. And, all these gigs had almost different keywords in the title.

I think Fiverr search is a joke.

Also, one of the cs staffs confirmed that search results are not static. It will vary from one user to another, even if they search by same keyword.


This was helpful :grinning:


Yep, the thing that seems to be really in demand at the moment (for me) is work on cryptocurrency, blockchain and ICOs. I am regularly approached for these and just don’t have any capacity at the moment. There’s definitely a killing to be made for experts in those spaces. (hint hint)


Great tips Mr.Eoin, thank you for sharing it with us.
I’m looking forward to try out that holiday gig idea. :smile:


I actually meant to mention this idea to you specifically. Lots of people selling holiday related products who want a cheap but attractive landing page!


Man, you deserve a pint of guinness.


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Great advice!!:wink:


Great tips to try. Good idea, thanks for sharing this.


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Thank you very much for sharing


A very informative write up. Nice one!


Nice one! helpful for many people! Always got inspiration by these helpful tips here on forum!
I wish My gigs also appear on first page ASAP


thanks, I following this idea.


I think a unique niche and unique services can generate more sells.
Thanks for sharing your experiences!