Getting ready for Christmas ( well, sort of )


November is almost coming to an end, and I’m pleased to say I did fine this month. :slight_smile:
I’ll be flying to the states for about 2 weeks at the start of December to visit my friends, eat and shop like crazy, and then come back home.

I am going back and forth between whether I should go on vacation more or not.
I don’t think I’ll be that busy with gigs, but on the other hand there is a possibility of getting bombarded with orders…
Maybe I can close some of the gigs and have just one of them available. I know, I’m going on vacation, I shouldn’t be working, but still I feel like I can work on some gigs during the day.

BTW I started wearing a tie to work from October ( with ghosts and pumpkins on them) and I’m hoping to get some silly cute Christmas neckties while I’m in the states so I can wear them when I get back. I can’t find them in Japan which kinda sucks.

Does anybody wear silly funny looking seasonal ties??


Not me! image But here are some cute ones.


I’m more of a hat guy. I wear funny looking Christmas hats all December!

I love Christmas! The Carols, food, decorations, everything.


now THOSE are the ones I’ll be looking for!!
Loooove the snowman one :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


photos please?? :laughing:



These are the Christmas hats I see most often.

Then there is Ugly Christmas Sweater Day that the high schools have here. I love owls, so this is the one I bought for that special day. :smiley:



Historically December has always been a slow month on Fiverr - that’s the only month when my earnings have gone below $1,000. That happens every December. That’s good in a way, I can relax a bit, do shopping, watch movies, read books, etc. [Actually, things start slowing down from this point - 18th or 19th November and they pick up after January 10th.]


Hi Writer. I haven’t “seen” you much here lately. You must be busy. How cold does it get in the winter in your country?


Not that cold, but I still purchased a couple of thin sweaters.


I did quite well this month as well. I have earned enough in 2 days to pay my rent next month, so I am doing good :slight_smile:


Ahh, the 3 Stooges…Stoogers? Stroogers? Sorry, I forgot the name…(I like the tie though!!)

If I wear that tie to work I’ll need to explain it to my students every time, I don’t think those guys are well know back here in Japan…


Thank you for reminding me, I need to get a Christmas sweater for my mom…
she requested a “classic” looking one and not the ugly ones…well I hope I can find one!!


Oh yes. I like the elf one. We have some funny ones here, with lights, a moustache, santa’s pants, etc

Those sweaters lol, my wife wants us to order a family collection from amazon for us and the kids to take a nice family picture.

@zeus777 I will send if I find them online.


I don’t wear ties at all, but I do sometimes wear silly funny looking seasonal socks, if that counts. :red_circle: :nose: :deer:


Last Christmas my friend gave me a pair of socks that says “WHAT THE ELF!?” on it.
It’s green, red, white, and gold. It’s very…festive.
And puts me in the holiday mood, so yes, it counts!!


Cannot stand festive clothing - makes my head shake and eyes roll uncontrollably.

I’ll sing along with “Fairytale of New York” a couple of times and answer the phone by saying “Buddy the Elf, what’s your favourite color?” to people I know. That’s about it.
If I’m feeling really festive, I’ll get a Christmas tree air freshener to hang in the window.


The funny thing about Christmas in America is that some stores start stocking Christmas stuff in September.


As late as that! :slightly_smiling_face:


Doesn’t Tesco have the Panntone next to the Easter baskets?