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Getting real tired of vague, rude and demanding buyers

Seems Fiverr has turned into a marketplace for jerks almost overnight. The past several orders I’ve gotten fall into the category of vague, rude or demanding.

4 orders demanding I design a logo for $5 when I don’t even offer logo design on Fiverr.

3 orders with no info whatsoever - just attachments with random, meaningless graphics. Use your words people!

5 orders with nothing but a link to a website. Excuse me, but I’m very clear about the info I need. Sizes and text being first and foremost. I charge extra for copy writing, so no, a link to your website is not sufficient.

6 orders activated by vague, info-less messages. No response whatsoever to my pleas for info.

18 - the number of orders I’m about to cancel out of sheer frustration. Fiverr is testing my patience this week! And it’s only Tuesday.

I liked your post not because I like what you wrote but rather because it’s shaping up to be one of those weeks all around.

I guess I’m not alone then.

I wonder if there has been some sort of weird new marketing push. Last week was really bad for me, with a whole slew of gigs that were either incomprehensible, asking to do things I state I don’t do, and three that promised they would send info later. I just wonder if a bunch of new people have signed up who are in desperate need of a tutorial on how to use this website.

Reply to @emasonwrites: You might be right. Maybe its the result of marketing to the wrong people. I thought it could be a language/cultural barrier, but all of the profiles are from the US, UK and Canada.

I got frustrated enough that I suspended all my gigs. I need a break from the mad house.



March 2014 was my best month ever… But since that Fiverr “Promotional Glitch” hit me in early April, I’ve received only a few orders from new buyers. The only orders I’m getting are from regular repeat Buyers. April has taken a steep nose dive.

@jtengle I hear ya. Today, I received negative feedback from someone who ordered an entire year ago back in April 2013, and just now finally decided that they weren’t happy. It was another person who doesn’t understand that not everything is included for $5. You can explain the reason why gig extras are available, (so you’re able to offer extra services that are more tedious and take more time to accomplish), but there is no consideration for your extra time and hard work. Of course now they can come back just because they feel like being jerks and will try to get the most out of you for free. It’s frustrating, but you really have no choice but to calmly reply and explain that you offer full satisfaction and would be happy to go the distance to make them happy, just to avoid extortion and receiving negative feedback. I’ve noticed it really helps to try to side with them because there is no winning otherwise. Even though they may not be right, you sometimes have no choice but to kiss their butts

Reply to @brunettegrenade: Wow, that is unfair. There really needs to be a time limit on feedback. Otherwise it gives scammers a tool for blackmail.

@jtengle Totally agree