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Getting Reviews and Ranking

Hello. I’m Farooq. I have 3 gigs in similar niche. Proofreading and writing of different kinds. I optimised my gigs about 1-1.5 month(s) ago. All of my gigs ranked in the first/second page in their specific keyword. I starting getting 20-30 impressions daily. 1st question, are this much impressions fine? Then I got order from buyer request and was happy. Now I kept waiting, suddenly impressions starting going down on two gigs, then on all, and now I get 1-3 impressions daily. What do I do now? and I have 2 reviews right now. If I get about 5 more reviews, will my gigs take off from there? Will I start getting more orders or what? I need advice from top sellers who have ample experience. Any help will make my life easier :slight_smile:

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This issues you’re facing over you gigs am also facing it before but now i thinks everything is gong well what i did is that i open some top social media platforms stated promoting my gigs with different keywords but now am getting much more impressions i will just advise you to follow this tips i really knew that’s going to help you a lots sir thanks for your time…

Impressions don’t really mean much, they are counted any time your gig is loaded on a search page. You could possibly improve your tags and experiment to see if you can get better placement.

But if a buyer was in-fact looking for your kind of gig, then you should consider improving on the title or image/video that displays, and if clicks aren’t converting into sales then you may need to improve how you present your product. I took a brief look at your gig and half the text is highlighted or in bold, which kind of defeats the purpose of highlighting.

Also the images you’re using are blocks of text that would appear pretty small through the gig search page or on a phone.

There’s a lot you could work on. Good luck!

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Wow you’re really great i think this is going to work for me also i will make some changes now…

Thanks a lot sir

Yes thank you. I just edited my gig. Like I didn’t change a thing. But suddenly I checked this morning and all my gigs got 20-30 impressions. I think I had to tweak the gigs. I got 5-6 clicks too. I checked for the keywords on which they used to rank, but they don’t rank now. But I’m getting the clicks and impressions.

Hi Farooq,

I have a few suggestions for you:

  • Keep sending offer to right buyer requests
  • Promote your gig on social media. It will help you much I think
  • Stay online as long as you can
  • Give best work to every clients

These might help you to improve your gig impressions.


I thought my gigs came back on track but now the day after, they just went back to 2-7 impressions