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Getting ripped off by Fiverr scammer. [ARCHIVED]

Without getting too off topic; the seller high-balled me with a $20 custom offer, which I accepted as I’m relatively new and was unaware how difficult nullifying a deal is.

I submitted a request for cancellation literally hours later, before anyone was even awake. The red flags were just too apparent:
-Received what appeared to be automated messages without the user being online.
-They were listed as fluent in English, yet had many grammatical errors.
-Their username is *********** but had a female profile picture.
-They aren’t answering my questions directly, the answers sound like bot responses.
-Literally zero conversation about my logo order.

However, my order’s cancellation request was rejected. I then asked customer service for help, optimistic of a forced cancellation, yet was again denied(with what seemed to be an automated Fiverr response).

And now the latest bombshell. This is their project’s main logo example they used as a reference. ****************************

Out of natural skepticism, I back traced that image and came across this: [unapproved url]

In other words, this ************ user just took the logo image from a Turkish television show and replaced it with “Entertainment Technologies”.

  1. The site was from a foreign country/language, making it highly likely “Timothy” lied about being American on their main profile information.

  2. They fraudulently used a logo from someone else as their own reference, wholly unable to perform the job they were tasked with doing.

Was I naive? Yes. I was also new, and this is not the precedent Fiverr should set for new members. Cause in the end, if I end up losing $26, I’m less likely to come back.

Order ticket number: #FO8724515163

And being the selfish little human I am, I implore moderators reading this to remedy the situation; ban them, or forcibly cancel the order for me.

[Image with user info was removed. Forum privileges maybe restricted if forum rules are repeatedly broken.]

I do apologize for the copy-and-paste error at the near-bottom of the above post. Hopefully, that does not nullify my main argument of debate.

Calling out for someone here on forums is not allowed.No one here can help you except fiverr support. Just contact them and explain everything.They are good people and i am sure they will help

Hi, you should talk to customer support. The moderators here can advise you, but they are not employees of Fiverr.

No longer an existing account. Also posted this.

Bye, Christa!