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Getting ripped off!

Beware of sellers like **********. Funny that’s what they do, they just Google a logo and recycle other people’s copywriten work and sell on Fiverr! Look for reputable sites if your a professional and get paid for your products. You may end up getting sued for copyright infringement using some of these sellers…

Anytime someone violates copyright you need to submit a ticket to Customer Support, show screen shots and offer as much proof as you can so Fiverr can see they are selling stolen art. If Fiverr is aware and has documentation to show it they can close the seller account for good. You can also get a refund to use on one of the excellent designers on Fiverr that does real original work. There are plenty here, but it is a bargain site so you have to hunt a little and do some research on sellers before you buy.

yes i agree with fonthaunt… kindly inform support

Well to add insult to injury, Fiverr, after 4 emails, decided to resolve my problem by paying me back half of my funds??? Really??? It’s not the money but the principle. I’m going to hire a team of marketers just to show and expose the kind of fraud that goes on at Fiverr. Not to mention the lack of support one will get when you report the issue. Oh but then, the final insult; the eleged resolution that actually steals more from you. No apologies, no what can we do, just more disregard and disappointment. I really thought this was an awesome site, wrong! They say you get what you pay for, not a Fiverr; you get far, far, far less…Never, never, never again!

All the graphic gigs are full of copyright and portrait right infringements. If Fiverr would really go after that, what they absolutely shoud, there was only a handful of gigs left.

You paid $5?

Sounds like it. That team of marketers is gong to cost a lot more than $5 to hire. Seems like cutting your nose off to spite your face. Unless it’s a $3 marketer. lulz. Same end result, though.

A team of fiverr marketers who will also scam him.

I wonder what happened to that guy who was going to get together a crack team of lawyers to sue Fiverr and was asking others who had been scammed (etc) to join him in a class action lawsuit or whatever.

Probably not nowhere when the lawyers told him how much $$$$ it was going to cost. Probably called the lawyers a scam too. Some people…

He was probably some 14 year old kid.

The same can happen anywhere, not only on Fiverr. If you need to be 100% sure, you may consider to find a real professional and pay a real price for your brand identity kit, not only getting a “logo” for a buck or little bit more.

If your business is your kid,
do not underfeed it and invest into real branding service.

I have lost hundreds of dollars on one freelancing portal plus AdSense account due to blackhat work provided by seller. The portal did not returned me a penny even if I had clear evidence. And I am sure such a sellers are also here on Fiverr, this is why every buyer should undergo a backround check.

This never happened to me on Fiverr in both situations - as a seller and buyer.

After all, you do not have to accept a delivery and request a refund directly using Fiverr customer care ticket if seller does not agree that your job was a bad joke. If you did not answered a delivery in 3 days, then it is, honestly, your fault.

You will find out that you have to pay a fair amount for a fair job, even if Fiverr seems to be bargain site.

So far I have found Fiverr support very helpful for all of my tickets, including when I requested to refund my buyers when I wanted to refund gigs with less than 4,9 rating. I am sure there is no reason to refund you just a half of the funds when you can clearly show the gig delivery is not usable at all.

Do you think that Fiverr do care about money from one order when thousands of orders are processed every day? I hope you will not trash whole Fiverr just because of one seller with unethical business behavior.

All the best.

Why didn’t you Google it before placing the order?

That’s too logical! :stuck_out_tongue:

:smiley: Haha