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Getting Sales after 5-6 months

Hi Doers,

I am actually back after almost 5-6 months. Due to study i wasn’t able to work so I suspended my gigs. Other than my repeat customers I am not getting any new sales.
And none of my gigs are in search results.
So I wanted to ask how can I get back into the game.

Your comments would be appreciated.


The number one rule is promote and talk about your gigs on social media

Number 2 you can go back to any previous forums you had joined in the past or start guest commenting on blogs to offer your services

Number 3 word of mouth

Number 4 buyer’s request

Number 5 edit your gigs

Number 6 try to be patient


Helpful tips… Thank you

I didn’t join any forums. It was all fiverr.

So do you have guests yet? I have never had visitors huhu

You can join forums relating to what you offer and join in the conversation, you might start getting tips and meet buyers

You must be happy! You’re already having a lot of activity in your Gig, and you’ll be having it for a long time! :+1::smile:

try to promote your gigs, maybe :roll_eyes:

try to promote your gigs, maybe :roll_eyes:

why you reply me with the same comments :sob: you scared me :sob: . If you do it again, I will send you the offer of my gigs :crazy_face:

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