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Getting scammed again and again

In last 3 months i have been scammed alot . How is this happening ?

Firstly the buyer order a big extra gig and then when i completes it the fiverr support cancels the order .

I got a 400$ loss through this in last 3 months . And whenever i am going to customer support they just copy paste their message again and again . The thing i am trying to explain them is that i am investing my money to get my orders done but they are not . The fiverr support says We are also not getting paid so how could we pay you for this fake order .But they are not understanding my loss from these type of orders . Instead of getting profit from my services i am eventually getting a big loss . After so many request still they are not giving me any favor . I asked them to give me some favor but Now they are not replying as well

What is happening to fiverr ? Its very hard to work now how could we make profit if we are scammed again and again :@ .

Hmmm, if I understand the policy, Fiverr never loses money. If they refund a buyer they do so by giving them credit to their Fiverr account so the buyer has no choice but to spend the money on Fiverr. So for Fiverr to say they are losing money doesn’t quite cut it for me.

Reply to @steveeyes: exactly! They are getting their 20%!

What is the message CS keeps giving you? Are all the ‘scams’ happening the same way? I’m curious about the reason(s) they’re giving for the cancellations.

all the scams are happening the same way .