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GETTING SCAMMED? for canceling a order because it was late

Hello everybody I am looking to reach out for help, over 7 days ago I contacted my first ever seller to build me a map he agreed too anyhow he went from the original 3 days he was going to deliever it to 7 and in the descripition of his service he said contact would be very good . However that wasn’t the case at all it went past the 7 days I got his attention he said he hardly started on it because life threw a baby born and hardly have any time and he told every other customer and he just forgot to tell me .

HOWEVER i did not come here to explain that situation I canceled he was upset about it

in the begining i supplied him with what we had for the hub ( minecraft map) he was to imply the theme and it had dragons on the map already built
since he is mad about me canceling he made sure to mention
HE said he could sell the dragons for over 100$ the dragons i am guessing because he even told me he had no time to start on it i am implying he meant the dragons I supplied that my staff built for my server

that is theft and he blocked me but I am really upset with this experience

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@diangelo103 I am really sorry to hear this. Please contact Customer Services and discuss all the issue with them Provide them screenshots and everything they will surely help you. And next time be careful while hiring a seller.

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That isn’t theft and it isn’t a scam.

If you cancelled you didn’t buy it and so you don’t own it and don’t get to decide how the buyer uses it.

It isn’t theft or a scam if you haven’t purchased it.

I think you misunderstand this service was for a build

He was going to build on and expand the map I had my staff built with dragons it was a whole small hub but I was paying for his service to expand it

He stated he could sell the dragons for 100$ I am concerned there my dragons as I have chat logs showing I have provided a map in the begining that he asked for and agreed to the deal

It’s exactly theft if he does go thru and sell the map and things built in it that was custom made for my server he had many good reviews i trusted him

How do I contact them? I’m pretty new and when i try it say i need a order number but he blocked me after he cancled

It is certainly not appropriate to use something you brought to him for a sale to another person with blackmail, no.

I’m just saying calling it a scam is incorrect and Fiverr likely won’t help you if you describe it as you have in this post.

You hired someone to do a job and then didn’t pay him for the work he did. If you’re going to submit sensitive information to a seller that is the very last thing you should do. You WILL get burned and Fiverr probably won’t help you.

On your order page , on the right side you will see => Visit Resolution Center click on that and contact them . Discuss all the the issue with them.


I am sorry I agree with you and agree I have made a mistake with wording but I didn’t say he did scam me I put a question mark at the end . I am glad you can see that its wrong for him to use it against me for canceling but I didn’t want to cancel intill after it was 15 hours late and no response after he said he would try and cram it in I wanted the loved and quality work he advertised and what he advertised was different than what happened I told him when it was cancled it was just my change of thought and explained to him it was just sus because he had told me he let every other customer know and just never told me which i understand thing happen I had done one other purchase on fiver and they reviewed me as a good customer fun , patience ect… I have tried to work with him but he was upset and went off saying I was terrible for not being patient but i was patient in the end i let him extended int he very begining to 7 days and it was 15 hour after and i started getting sketched and that is when he said he would sell the dragons i assume were part of the map i provided and I thought that was wrong I am just upset and very tired because I was waiting for the person to reply all night just incase they would extend it

Never, ever give a seller sensitive information unless you’re willing to be flexible. It’s in his hands now and you can’t control that because you didn’t buy it.

I would never share sensitive information with a Fiverr seller.

Please write in sentences and break things up into paragraphs. That was very hard to read.

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Sorry about that I’m trying to do multiple things at once and very tired.

You explain to never give seller sensitive infomation but what if the gig requires that?

Like for scripting what if people want things added to their game and the scripters have to go in and add it,

and Minecraft builds where they want to come on your personal server or want you to send your own map for them to work with

I wouldn’t do that on Fiverr. Never give something you created and own to a Fiverr seller.

It’s dangerous to hand over critical files to someone when you have no recourse with them. None at all.

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Thank you for helping me out I will take your advice seriously I thought because they had good reviews they would could be trusted but I guess theres always a risk

Yes, an inherent risk.

If you do report it, report it for blackmail, not a scam. That might get their attention, but you can’t do anything about the file.

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Also, even if you did go through with the sale and got your finished product, you’ve still given the seller a source file and thus given them an opportunity to reuse it. So it’s dangerous either way.

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That’s a blackmail. You should contact fiverr support right away and report him for blackmailing you.
On submitting ticket: you still should be able to see your order on the orders tab (manage orders) even if seller blocked you.

That is not a behaviour of a great seller, he was late, he forgot to let you know that he had delays. He didn’t take responsibility for his actions. It’s great he had a baby but if you mismanage things because of newborn it’s on you not on a buyer that’s expecting his work to be done. And definitely he had no right to get mad or blackmail you because you decided to cancel due to him being late, not starting an order and not delivering as expected.

I’m not entirely sure how it works in Minecraft, but is there a way to duplicate things so you have a backup of them?

It doesn’t matter, it is hard to “raise” a dragon (and I do not mean this as sarcasm, they do grow them there), having someone steal it from you and you having a duplicate is not a solution. It is like stealing a character, someone using McDonalds clown for his promotion and/or gain. Each dragon is unique to his owner. Like a virtual pet.
Please report this to CS, make sure that you do not write overly emotional and keep it professional, write as humanissocial recommended
(Please write in sentences, and break things up into paragraphs.)