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Getting scammed for the first time :)

I’m gonna keep it short:
I send an offer to a request. After a day, I get the following message:


I’m interested in what you have to offer. This is an on going project and I’m looking for someone to work with me throughout this process which means a consistent stream of photos to edit throughout the foreseeable future.

Is there anyway you can make 1 edit for me so I can see what your skills are? If so, please make edits to the “make edit” pic and use inspiration from the ‘example’. Thank you and I look forward to your work.

Since the task is rather short, I do it in 30 mins and send over the sample without a watermark.

And… Now it’s been 4 days… Not even a peep from the buyer even though he/she has been coming online occasionally as evident by the last seen status.

Funny thing though is that the buyer has been on the platform since 2010. To be honest, I actually don’t care. It’s been a learning experience as far as I’m concerned.

Just thought I share.

Cheers! :upside_down_face:


I’m sorry this happened to you! It’s not uncommon unfortunately.


I’m confused. How were you scammed?

Why did you give free work to a (prospective) buyer? Even as a gesture of goodwill, why would you send that work without a watermark?


@legacine Some people are not aware that there are such people in the world.


Watermarking the image was something that crossed my mind as I have done it before. I just let this one go.

Didn’t expect this honestly, as the buyer seems to be on the platform since 2010.

In a rare scenario it may be that the buyer wasn’t interested in taking up my offer. I highly doubt it though. The language in the message seems to suggest otherwise. Not to mention, the work I did was exactly to the buyers specifications and I threw in a few extras.


That is your initiation ritual. You are now an official seller.


Haha! Indeed :wink:


Chin up!

I know you did it in good faith.

It sucks, but the good news is you only lost 30 minutes. For what it’s worth it could’ve been worse.

Yikes! Maybe that’s how they’ve been getting free work for all these years.

I’m sure you won’t do it again tho! At least, I hope not! :smiley:


Haha! You know what they say:

Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me!


I never do any work for free. I don’t send samples or consult.

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I wouldn’t see this as being scammed although I would be disappointed with the buyer if they didn’t respond to me after I deliver some work for them ‘for free’!

This looks like the buyer is looking to trial your gig and likely to be doing this to many other sellers similar to you.

I offer trials of my gig but charge a small fee to see whether the enquiry is legitimate. More often than not people don’t reply back (something you could try maybe?).

People take advantage of good will and free work. I like your positive attitude in taking this as a learning experience :slight_smile:

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Indeed. That’s why I actually give the buyer the benefit of doubt also. Maybe they didn’t like my work.

But, judging by their language and the quality of my work which I am sure was 200% more than what they expected, I am resigned to believe it was a scam. :slight_smile: